Latinx Community Leaders Launch Will County Democratic Latinx Caucus

Local Latinx community leaders officially launched the Will County Democratic Latinx Caucus (“Latinx Caucus”) in February 2021. The mission of the Latinx Caucus is to raise political and civic consciousness by electing Latinx representatives to all levels of government and to increase the number of Latinx members in the Will County Democratic Party. The Latinx Caucus seeks to unify and empower Latinx communities, ensure fair representation of Latinx interests, educate others on policy issues of importance to the Latinx community and promote political participation through voter registration, candidate and activist training, voter education, and community outreach.

“Over the years, Will County’s Latinx population has increased and continues to grow as more Latinx families move into the county and stay to raise future generations. Despite this continual growth, representation remains the same – little to none,” said Latinx Caucus Chair Tanya Arias. “The Latinx Caucus will serve as a vehicle to educate the Latinx community on voter engagement and turnout. One of the primary goals of the Latinx Caucus is to close the language barrier gap. Having language access to basic voter information, such as sample ballots or even local government news will ensure all Latinx voters become more civically engaged.”

Membership to the Will County Democratic Latinx Caucus is open to elected Democratic Latinx officials, elected and appointed Democratic Latinx Precinct Committeepersons, Democratic Latinx voters, the Latinx immigrant community and allies of the Latinx Community. Those interested in joining the Latinx Caucus can email ​​.

“I am proud of the work and resilience of the community leaders that have worked tirelessly to make the Will County Democratic Latinx Caucus a reality. This is a milestone on the long and hard journey to build collaborative political power in Will County,” said Dagmara Avelar, IL State Representative 85th District. “Will County has a vibrant and active Latinx community that has been yearning to be heard and be part of our political process.”

“This is a proud moment for Will County. The Latinx community is an essential part of Will County’s past, present, and future, and the Will County Democratic Latinx Caucus will advance important issues, bring fresh ideas, and create leadership opportunities for so many in the community,” said Nora Gruenberg, Chair of the Will County Democratic Central Committee. “I look forward to supporting the ideas and energy the Latinx Caucus brings to Will County and the Democratic Party, as well as celebrating the accomplishments they will achieve through collaboration with local leaders, elected officials, candidates, and community organizations.”

The Latinx Caucus is proudly co-founded by Tanya Arias, Will County Democratic Central Committee Operations Chair and Latinx Caucus Chair; Michael Crowner, candidate for Wheatland Township Supervisor and Latinx Caucus Vice Chair; Lorraine Guerrero Neumayer, JTHS District 204 School Board Member (candidate) and Latinx Caucus Secretary; Richard Rodriguez, Our Revolution National Treasurer and Latinx Caucus Treasurer; Cesar Guerrero, candidate for Joliet City Council At-Large and Latinx Caucus Outreach & Communications Chair; Dagmara Avelar, IL State Representative 85th District; Angel Contreras, JTHS District 204 School Board Member and candidate for Joliet Township Supervisor; Cesar Escutia candidate for Joliet Township Trustee; Karina Lopez, Precinct Committeewoman DuPage 08 and Adrienne Trejo, Precinct Committeewoman DuPage 37.


Contact: ​Tanya Arias, Will County Democratic Latinx Caucus Chair, (815) 272-0645