Volunteer – Volunteers can phone bank, text bank, deliver campaign literature to voters, canvass, write post cards, and more! Tell us what campaign or issue you want to work on, and we will connect you. Contact info@willcountydemocrats.com to learn more!

Become a Precinct CommitteepersonPCs are the liaison between the Democratic Party and their precinct. This vital role can help to get voters in a precinct ready to create a voting plan, educate voters on their voting options, inform voters about their choices on the ballot, and can make a big impact on the local party.

Check the Will County Clerk’s site to see who our current PCs are. Not sure what your precinct is? Contact info@willcountydemocrats.com. You can be appointed to a precinct anywhere in Will County if your precinct is not available.

Become an Election Judge – Election Judges are essential to smooth operations on Election Day. If you are interested in serving the community as an Election Judge, contact the Will County Clerk’s office. You will receive great training and your service will earn you $150 for Election Day!

Submit Content – We invite the community to submit blog posts, photos, event information, and other moderator-approved content. Contact info@willcountydemocrats.com if you have content you would like to share!