Will County Democrats Launch Will County Democratic Black Caucus

Local leaders organize efforts to engage and activate Black Democrats across Will County

For Immediate Release
October 7, 2020

(Joliet, IL) – Black Democratic Precinct Committeepeople in Will County have launched the Will County Democratic Black Caucus (WCDBC), formally establishing the organization in October 2020. The mission of the WCDBC is to positively influence through education, social awareness, and engagement in the political process pertinent to Black Americans and others of similar experience and situation while promoting the principles and values of the Democratic Party.

To execute this vision to give Black communities in Will County an equal voice in public policy, economic empowerment, and civic engagement, the WCDBC plans to raise funds, develop committees to perform outreach and operations, and to recruit candidates for elected office. WCDBC operations will be designed with the goal of building the Democratic Party, while creating opportunities for Black leaders in Will County. 

“It is an honor to serve as chair and work with such talented people in this organization,” said Black Caucus Chair Michelle Stiff. “Spearheading this effort will advance the Will County Black Community by developing leaders, advocating for an equal voice in public policy, and improving social outcomes for our African American community”.

Membership in the WCDBC will be open to current and former Black elected and appointed Democratic precinct committeepersons and any Black elected official, current or former. Black voters in Will County are welcome to join the Black Caucus as volunteers and are encouraged to reach out to Chair Michelle Stiff for more information. 

“I am honored and humbled to be part of the organizing of this much-needed organization. I’m excited to get to work in trying to keep the Black residents of Will County engaged in the political process as well as recruiting our Black youth and engaging them,” said WCDBC Treasurer Kenneth Harris, who is also a Will County Board member and Precinct Committeeperson for DuPage Township Precinct 17. “Voting is a right and we must take advantage of it.” 

“The Will County Democratic Black Caucus is a reflection of how essential Black voices are to Party operations. I look forward to seeing what the Black Caucus will accomplish and I’m proud to serve as a resource in supporting their mission,” said Will County Democratic Central Committee Chair Nora Gruenberg. “This is a proud day for Will County Democrats. Diversity and inclusion are core values of the Democratic Party, and working to make sure Black voices are heard is at the forefront of our mission.”

For more information about the Will County Democratic Black Caucus, please reach out to Michelle Stiff at willcountyblackcaucus@gmail.com.


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