From the chair… February Update

Dear Democrats,

It has been a challenge trying to grasp the magnitude of all the history made over the last year. Perspective comes from time and reflection, but even so – we all know that we are collectively witnessing a turning point. As the United States’ fate hovers in this historic moment, it leaves us with so many questions on accountability federally and, more importantly, locally.

Watching Trump’s second impeachment trial unfold has been surreal. We all know that Trump is guilty. Yet even as we watch the Democratic impeachment managers clearly and systematically lay out each piece of Trump’s strategy to not only undermine the 2020 election results, but urge his supporters to violence, we recognize the likelihood that Republican senators will, once again, put party over country, leading to Trump’s acquittal. 

Republicans have a long history of taking the truth, spinning it to their specifications, and fine-tuning messaging that gets to a core of fear in their base. This is nothing new. But this new strain of Republican thought veers sharply from any kind of defensible ideology to pure rejection of the truth to marshal the power of their base and defend their party’s position. 

Freshman Will County board member Debbie Kraulidis skipped committee meetings to travel to DC as the Vice President of Moms for America, a national organization that proudly took credit for organizing the January 6 rally and the march to the Capitol that led to the violent melee. Trump’s acquittal will do nothing more than embolden elected officials like her who work hard to undermine faith in our government, while still holding positions within it.

The Will County Republican Central Committee recently posted that the definition of “Conspiracy Theorist” is “a person that researches a subject and then uses logic and critical thinking skills to form an educated opinion instead of just blindly believing what they see on TV.” This statement reveals how the GOP plays victims and reaffirms fear to their base when their rhetoric or activities are questioned. There is no accountability for elected officials who engage in behavior that contradicts the government roles they accepted by winning their elections, only excuses, distraction and avoidance.

Will County, it is more important than ever to find common ground with our fellow Democrats and work together for accountability from our elected officials. We will not always agree with each other, which is fine. But, united together we can live our mission and demonstrate our strength through thoughtful leadership, education opportunities, constructive conflict resolution, active collaboration and open communication. 

One thing we can all agree on is that elections matter, on every level. We have an opportunity to work together and help slates of candidates across Will County either maintain or assume Democratic leadership at the township level. Local government impacts our lives in a very immediate, daily way, so please get educated on your candidates. 

To find a Democratic township slate to support, click here. Find out how you can donate, join them for campaign activities, find out more about these candidates, and make a plan to vote by April 6. Elections matter, and we must work together to earn the government we deserve. 

In solidarity, 

Nora Gruenberg

Chair, Will County Democratic Central Committee